FAQs about contract electronic manufacturing

Yes - each month we collate manufacturing and quality performance data to a centralised dashboard. We're proud of our performance and believe that our systems should be transparent, so we've made our monthly Factory Performance dashboard available to customers. You can download it here.
Absolutely! We welcome factory tours from customers and perspective customers alike because they get to understand our culture and processes, see where their products are made and meet the team making them. We also welcome customer audits, and we'll support any of your own requirements such as UL or SIRA audits.

We don’t suit those who are looking for high volume at the lowest possible price. Why? Because we don’t offshore our manufacturing, and we pay stringent attention to quality and counterfeit avoidance. Our service is best suited to those who need high performance.

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and COSHH certification, but that's just the beginning of our quest to ensure you always receive the highest quality products. You can download our certificates here.
Often shortened to CEM or EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service), this term categorises companies that provide a range of services to support the manufacturing of electronic products. The scope of these services could range from design to procurement, manufacturing, testing, distribution and repair of electronic components and assemblies for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
Your assessment of your manufacturing requirement is your own decision, and depends on the scope and objectives of your business, but there are several advantages to working with a CEM. It allows you to focus on your core capabilities, shorten your supply chain, improve cost controls, and provide access to the latest electronic manufacturing and test technologies without significant capital investment.
DFM is a critical stage in the design process where the objectives of the design are matched against the practicalities of manufacturing, to ensure a more robust product that is easy and cost-effective to make. During design for manufacture we consider production processes, materials, tolerances, obsolescence planning and potential supply chain.
FermionX has extensive experience in a broad range of industry sectors including marine, oil and gas, and measurement instrumentation. We've manufactured extremely sensitive products - for measuring flow and pressure, and detecting leaks - for one of the world’s leading explosion-proofing companies for over 20 years. Read more about our Atex product capabilities here.
e-maCs, designed for us by Surestead, is our proprietary manufacturing control software solution. It tracks orders and work - from quotation through to assembly, delivery and finally to payments.
Yes - this service provides many of our customers with greater flexibility and stock control. At the outset we discuss your requirements; reviewing EAUs, purchasing trends, critical components and test requirements to establish a call-off plan that fits both companies. In many cases we can use this approach to leverage better component pricing and terms with our own suppliers, and extend those savings on to you.

FAQs about Design

We have a strict policy on confidentiality for all customer design and manufacturing data. We will gladly review and sign your NDA, and also work with our own standard template, in case you haven't got one of your own.

We are well-versed in the basics of Intellectual Property and have worked with our trademark and IP partners for many years. As a qualified lawyer with extensive grounding in IP practice, our R&D Director Stuart Ray can also offer advice on the IP landscape to help you protect your idea.

FAQs about our service

We welcome the opportunity to put our services to the test against an existing supplier, and have many customers that dual source for greater flexibility. We are confident in the service we offer, our communication, our quality and our pricing and we have many happy long term customers that prove we have a winning collaborative formula.

We pride ourselves on the speed of our communication and we understand the impact delayed responses can have on a fast-paced business. We guarantee that enquiries will receive a response within 24 hours, but the reality is that most of our response times are within hours. We are always on the phone or visiting in person when any urgent action needs to be taken.