One team with the same goal

While FermionX formed out of the merger of three different companies in 2016, we continue to manufacture lots of branded products with a rich heritage for a wide range of industries - from aviation and defence to medical technology.

What every brand has in common is our commitment to attention to detail. Whether our products are being used by food microbiologists in the lab or air sampling experts in factories, we know that irregularities can cause serious problems and impact on test results with .

As product designers, we care deeply about quality manufacturing, and bring the same level of thoroughness to every project. We understand that our clients can't afford for us to get it wrong.


Our pedigree begins with Seward: one of the biggest names in microbiology sample preparation. They've been making the renowned, original Stomacher® Blender for over 40 years. By joining forces with FermionX, the Seward team's R&D capabilities have grown, meaning that they'll keep innovating to further cement their position as market-leading microbiology technologists.

C-Tech Electronics

C-Tech were the Contract Electronics Manufacturer, providing a comprehensive range of electronic PCB and box build assembly for over 30 years. They've worked on too many products to count, including safety components for explosion protection, and high-frequency x-ray generators.

Airbox Sampling Products

In 2013, C-Tech joined forces with JD Technical Services to create AirBox Sampling Products. AirBox has developed a range of award-winning waterproof air sampling pumps for asbestos testing. In 2017 Airbox won 'The Contamination Expo Award' for their innovation in the field of asbestos contamination.

From product design to contract electronics - the 3 businesses that make up our heritage mean that we're ready to deal with any eventuality. If you've got a challenge for us, you can bet we've been there before.