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Keeping products in production

There’s plenty of news currently explaining how chip shortages are impacting the profits of big manufacturers. Jaguar Land Rover states it has lost £9m in the last three months alone. The shortage is, in part, driven by demand for electric cars, PCs and other chip-hungry products. As a contract electronics manufacturer, FermionX is aware of…

FermionX Supply Chain Manager

Unite around a collaborative supply chain

Dan Haines, Supply Chain Manager at FermionX takes a look at how opportunistic the electronic component distribution marketplace has become. Component prices have risen dramatically in the last 12-months.  Increasing demand and lack of availability has led many distributors to increase their prices accordingly, knowing many manufacturers have no choice but to pay. But just…

Supply chain management during COVID-19

At FermionX, we like many other businesses in the UK, had to adapt quickly to the restrictions put in place to help combat the COVID-19 crisis. Strength in supply chain management during COVID-19 hasn’t been easy. We’ve worked hard to ensure business continuity and minimise component shortages, further supporting our customer production. We spoke to…

Supply chain management team

Obsolescence Management in the Electronics Industry

What does “obsolescence management” mean? There is a lot to consider when commissioning a contract electronic manufacturer (CEM) for your PCB assembly. Particularly if you’re working in a heavy regulated industry where the components used are restricted by governing bodies. It is important to understand what obsolescence means and how it can impact your production….