Automotive Electronics Manufacturing

The automotive electronics manufacturing industry is experiencing a massive shift in processes due to growing demand in electric cars and autonomous driving technology. As well as the pressures of miniaturisation.

The industry is one that is already heavily regulated with stringent requirements, approvals and strict tolerances. Therefore, automotive electronics need to be of the highest standard.

As an experienced contract electronic manufacturer (CEM) we are aligned to delivering solutions to our automotive partners.

What processes are involved in automotive electronics manufacturing?

Using a CEM for your box build services is a time and cost-effective way to produce bespoke solutions. By contracting out these services, you can guarantee skillset without investing in headcount.

Automotive PCB assembly can range from basic to the most complex designs. From simple PCB and cable-fitted sub-assemblies, to integrated enclosures (such as safety critical control units).

When choosing a CEM check they’re able to accommodate a combination of speed and flexibility. This will streamline workflow to suit product complexity and production schedules. It also allows for higher volume manufacture.

Innovation in the automotive industry has led to miniaturisation of components, therefore surface mount (SMT) placement is often the chosen method for automotive PCB assembly.

However, the use of conventionally sized components requiring traditional thru-hole placement is still prevalent. The quality of this thru-hole placement and soldering often sets manufacturers apart.

How is quality control managed?

Quality control plays a big part in automotive electronic manufacturing. It is important to work with a CEM who holds relevant certification.

Repeatability is crucial to the industry. Therefore, meticulous inspections and rigorous testing are crucial steps in the production process. From visual inspections and AOI (automated optical inspections) to X-rays and test jigs.

Supply Chain Management

Strength in supply chain management is essential, particularly in heavily regulated industries. You need reassurance that there will be minimal component shortages for your production.

When it comes to future-proofing your automotive project ensure you have rigorous obsolescence management processes in place with your chosen CEM. From end-of-life notices and securing additional stock. To working directly with your design team to source alternative components should parts become obsolete.

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How can FermionX support your next automotive electronics project?

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