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Marine electronics manufacturing services

At FermionX we have extensive PCB assembly service capability. From basic to the most complex circuit design, tailored to suit your requirements.

Our enriched production capability includes both conformal and epoxy coating, vital for components used in the marine electronics manufacturing. This provides trust and confidence in our output among manufacturers in the marine industry.

Switch your marine electronics manufacturing to a UK supplier with dedicated, experienced staff and a proven track record for quality.

Leading marine electronics manufacturing solutions

PCB Assembly

We have 3 surface mount lines at our manufacturing facility, enabling us to streamline workflow to suit all product complexity. This allows us to support manufacturers in the marine industries. We can facilitate our partners’ bespoke processes and requirements for highly regulated markets.

FermionX has vast experience in producing ATEX approved products. As well as managing robust documentation, control and test procedures, including supporting SIRA audits.

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Conformal coating

We’re able to offer conformal coating services in-house, vital for the marine electronics industry. We have a selective coating machine alongside traditional hand spray-coating.

Coating provides protection for components exposed to a number of elements. This includes but is not limited to: moisture, dust, salt, chemicals, temperature changes and abrasion.

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Our facilities

In order to adapt our services to suit varying product complexity and production schedules, we’re continually investing in our PCB assembly services.

We have an extensive plant-list which spans our surface mount and conventional assembly, conformal coating capabilities as well as test and inspection processes.

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Quality Control

FermionX offers full traceability on purchased, free issue or in-house manufactured materials and products. Vital for customers operating in critical environments such as the marine industry.

Our Quality Control team are on-site to identify, track and resolve any defects found.

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Recent success stories

Specialist manufacturer of pressure sensors and level transmitters

Marine Electronics Manufacturing Case Study

After some issues with previous suppliers, the company wanted a supplier they could lean on to manage unexpected orders and projects with short lead times that often get thrown at them. They were drawn to FermionX’s professional and technical support capabilities.

Through their robust capabilities, consistent communication, and further investments in new equipment and services, FermionX has consistently enabled the customer to get products out without delay. This holds true even when faced with sudden spikes in order volume.

“FermionX are continually investing in new equipment and providing additional services that remove onerous tasks from our side, allowing us to focus on what we do best.” Managing Director