Box Build and Final Assembly Services

Our box build service provides bespoke solutions to fit your needs. From simple PCB and cable-fitted sub-assemblies, to integrated enclosures with electromechanical assembly, we are experienced in all aspects of electronic manufacturing.

Our box build service provides a completed product build to customer specification including:

  • Review of all documentation (including BOM, critical components, drawing tolerances, build documents, test specifications and documentation controls)
  • Testing/programming specifications
  • Traceability requirements (including serial number recording and traceability to key component level)
  • We can also support on product branding and packaging to fit global distribution requirements

Our expert team are dedicated to offering quality service and support throughout your partnership with us. Find out more about we can support your box build/final assembly electronic manufacturing project requirements.

State of the art facilities and equipment

At FermionX we’re continually investing in our services, to offer further support to our customers. Our state-of-the-art production facility means we can streamline workflow to suit product complexity and production schedules.

We have an extensive plant-list spanning our box-build and final assembly as well as test and inspection capabilities.

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Industries we work with

Our team are well-placed to support a wide range of industries, including medical device manufacturing and military and defence manufacturing.

We have expert knowledge in key areas of regulatory processes, controls and audit requirements.

Quality control

At FermionX we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of system and process controls. We operate via a number of process control systems and hold ISO 13485, 9001 and COSHH certifications. Additionally, we operate to the requirements of ISO 14001 for environmental management systems.

Our expert team can identify and mitigate risks to your production and supply chain, ensuring that we offer you the best possible product support throughout your journey with us.

ISO 9001 - Quality Management
nqa ISO 13485 Medical Devices certification

Our PCB Assembly Services

Our PCB assembly processes are built for flexibility. We support complex designs with smaller components with our surface mount production line. As well as offering traditional thru-hole placement/conventional PCB assembly.

Our box-build and final assembly services are built for flexibility. We support complex designs with our trained technicians and on-site engineers.

Recent success stories

Medical technology company, Chichester, UK

The company needed a supplier who could deliver consistently, and a direct line of contact with their operations team on the ground. The FermionX operations team communicate directly with their counterparts , meeting frequently and keeping them in the picture. FermionX have developed a very stable and trusting working relationship, whilst the company continues to bring new projects to their manufacturing partners..

“They are long-standing partners and communicate well with the people here, so that we know exactly where we are with our supply. We wouldn’t have partnered with them to go forward for a grant bid unless we thought these are the people we want to work with.” Medical Chairman