Military and defence electronics manufacturing

Military and defence electronics manufacturing

At FermionX, we design and supply defence electronics manufacturing services for the military industry across the UK.

Attention to detail is key to this safety-critical sector. Our enriched production capabilities and manufacturing process, blended with our engineering and documentation controls, ensures peace of mind for our military and defence customers.

With 50 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing, we have gained the skills and resources to help develop and supply complex, future proof electronics. Our ISO 13485 certification guarantees high-quality, traceable and safe products for critical environments.

Switch your military and defence electronics manufacturing to a UK supplier with dedicated, experienced staff and a proven track record for quality.

Defence electronics manufacturing services

PCB Assembly

We have the flexibility of 3 surface mount production lines to suit a range of product complexities. We are also able to offer conformal coating services. This protects components from factors such as moisture, dust, salt, chemicals, temperature changes and abrasion.

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Kitting and stores

Our manufacturing service provides secure and trustworthy management of military and defence products, with full traceability ensured to a key component level with kitting and storage processes.

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AOI and X-Ray Inspection

Our boards are inspected by using a Mantis or ASH Inspex HD 1080p camera system, along with an FX 940 In-Line Automated Optical Inspection.

For PCBs that can’t be inspected visually, we have invested in a Nordson DAGE Quadra 3 X-ray inspection system.

Critical for industries with high regulatory requirements, our in-house X-ray PCB inspection not only ensures quality output, but also improves security.

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Supply chain and obsolescence management

At FermionX Manufacturing, we work closely with our supply chain partners through our ISO policies, audits and performance data. This means we can be certain that our supply is trustworthy and dependable.

We also offer sourcing support for obsolete components for the military and defence market through our extensive supply network. As well as product phasing support for cost controls on last time buys.

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Quality Control

Our dedicated Quality Control team are on site. Using our intuitive software management system and working closely with our production team, they’re able identify and track any defects found.

For customers operating in critical environments, FermionX offers complete traceability. This includes purchased, free issue or in house manufactured materials and products – individually or at batch level visibility.

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Recent success stories

Design and manufacturer of aircraft displays

Military and defence electronics case study

The company needed a reliable manufacturer who had the capabilities to meet their complex requirements. In response, FermionX committed to investing in additional equipment and services to remove onerous responsibilities on the customer’s end and guarantee quality of their products.

Over a decade later, they have become increasingly satisfied with the team’s effective communication and willingness to instantly resolve issues.

“FermionX have supplied us with high quality products for 9 years. Their capabilities and service are outstanding. They always meet our complex requirements, and if any issues arise, they are dealt with effectively and immediately.” Procurement Manager