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Electronic manufacturing for the automotive industry

Due to increased demand in electric vehicles, component manufacturers face additional strain. The automotive industry is heavily regulated with stringent requirements, approvals, and strict tolerances. Meaning that automotive electronic manufacturing needs to be of the highest standard.

Increased requirements and sophistication in telematics to improve road safety and logistics monitoring has led to a rise in data logging capabilities.

As an experienced contract electronic manufacturer, we are aligned to delivering solutions to our automotive partners. This is where our strength in proactive supply chain development, strategic purchasing and partnership-based approach ensures our customers can rely on their product availability and lead times.

Switch your automotive electronic manufacturing to a UK supplier with dedicated, experienced staff and a proven track record for quality.

Automotive electronic manufacturing services

PCB Assembly

Our strength in automotive PCBA capabilities can range from simple PCB and cable fitted sub-assemblies to integrated enclosures, including safety and critical control units.

We use complex soldering for power electronics. Surface mount (SMT) placement is often the chosen method for automotive PCB assembly due to innovation leading to miniaturisation of components.

Alternatively, the use of conventionally sized components requiring traditional thru-hole placement remain predominant. Our distinction lies in the quality of this thru-hole placements and soldering, setting us apart from other manufacturers.

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Supply chain management and obsolescence

At FermionX Manufacturing, we work directly with our supply chain partners through our ISO policies, audits, and performance data. This means we can be confident that our supply is reliable and trustworthy.

We also offer sourcing support for obsolete components for the automotive market through our extensive supply network. Additionally, we provide product phasing support for cost controls on last time buys.

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Quality Control

Our dedicated Quality Control team are on site. Using our intuitive software management system and working closely with our production team, they’re able identify and track any defects found.

For customers operating in critical environments, FermionX offers complete traceability. This includes purchased, free issue or in-house manufactured materials and products – individually or at batch level visibility.

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Recent success stories

Manufacturer of vehicle and automotive data logger solutions

Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Case Study

After some issues with previous suppliers, they were looking to switch to a supplier who had the capability to anticipate their needs. Once the company sampled FermionX, they were pleased with the result.

They appreciate FermionX’s reliability and consistency in delivering every week, meaning that they can send their products out to customers in a timely manner. The team’s capacity to not only take control, but provide proactive communication is a key reason to why the relationship has lasted for over a decade.

“FermionX are always striving to complete orders on a tight schedule when we have last minute requirements. Their service is exceptional. If we have an issue, they are happy to help us, above and beyond.” UK Manager