Outsourcing your supply of essential components and services from your business can be fraught with challenges. From concern over whether your Contract Electronic Manufacturer (CEM) can be trusted to deliver a reliable service, to feeling comfortable handing over your precious product to a third party, each step holds its own challenges.

With box build assembly representing an even greater handover of control and responsibility, it’s little wonder that this approach is often misunderstood and occasionally dismissed altogether. However, using a box build service can have huge potential benefits for your business.

What is ‘box build’

Box-build refers to assembly work, sometime referred to as ‘systems integration’. It could mean something as simple as the placing of the PCB inside an enclosure to a complete product build.

The most common processes in box-build includes steps such as installation of sub-assemblies, installation of other components, routing of cabling and wiring and fabrication of casings and enclosures.

FermionX ‘box-build’ our range of Seward Stomacher® lab blenders and Airbox asbestos air sampling pumps from PCB assembly to finished product ready to ship to customers.

Saving time and money

Box build can inevitably save you time. You don’t need to manage multiple suppliers to deliver components or create and manage the production process or BOM yourself. Maybe your product requires a production run outside your current capacity or is so small that it would disrupt other manufacturing lines and be cost prohibitive? By utilising a box build service, you are accessing a more streamlined process, resulting in a smoother path to market.

Outsourcing your product manufacturing process (box-build) can prove extremely cost-effective when compared to internally manufacturing. From valuable input into how to optimise your design, to an integrated manufacturing process that offers economies of scale, box builds can prove extremely cost effective.

The Bill of Materials (BOM) is arguably the most important aspect of a successful box build. This is the complete list of components needed to create the output. Every item on the BOM indicates its purpose, procurement process, costs, reference, description, quantity etc and from where it is sourced. This creates the list of ‘ingredients’ needed to ensure a successful build and output. FermionX run our own semi-bespoke manufacturing control system that allows us to manage multiple BoM’s with over 30,000 SKU’s, delivering right product, in the right place at the right time.

Employ the experts

At FermionX, we offer box build services not just as a resource for saving you time and money, but to also make available our manufacturing and design expertise. A full end-to-end service can cover product design, prototype building, box build and optimisation reviews. With box builds, you’ll have an expert pair of eyes on every step of the production process, advising you on where costs can be improved and where pitfalls can be avoided.

Get tailor-made results

While box builds can be comprehensive, they also offer flexibility. At FermionX, we offer our customers a range of bespoke solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether you need an end-to-end solution that turns an idea into a product ready for market or help with just part of your manufacturing process, we can create a manufacturing solution perfect for you.

To learn more about our box-build capabilities or any aspect of our manufacturing and design services, contact us today on 01903 524600 or email sales@fermionx.com to talk to one of our team.

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