Visitors are invited to meet our Technical Sales Manager, Gary Rice, and Business Development Manager, Scott Jones, at Stand 87.

In a growing market for medical devices, particularly those demanding specialised engineering skills, FermionX stands out from competition by being ISO 13485 certified.

By upgrading our premises and software systems, our certification guarantees the highest quality standards. Reducing product risks, enhancing traceability, and delivering safe and reliable devices. These rigorous quality controls make FermionX a trusted partner for critical environments requiring specialised engineering expertise.

Working with an ISO 13485 certified contract electronic manufacturer (CEM) brings a multitude of benefits. From improved product protection to better traceability and clearer communication, customers can rely on us to handle every aspect of the manufacturing process. 

By leaving manufacturing to the experts, medical device manufacturers can focus on their research and development efforts. This saves them valuable time and resources while helping them to get their products to market faster.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to chat with our team of experts during the event. Grab a refreshing drink, snacks, and explore our sustainable merchandise, while discovering how our cutting-edge solutions in medical device manufacturing can grow and optimise your business.

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