Visitors can connect with our sales team, including Technical Sales Manager, Gary Rice, and Business Development Manager, Scott Jones at stand J50, where they’ll get the chance to learn more about our commitment to continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

Further to our PCB assembly and box build services, FermionX is working towards obtaining the ISO 13485 certification by the end of 2023. By working with a ISO 13485-certified partner, new and existing customers can rest assured that all the products manufactured for critical environments such as medical devices, meet the highest quality standards and are traceable and safe.

“We are particularly proud of our dedication to obtaining the ISO 13485 certification. This will ensure that our medical devices, and all products for different industries, are manufactured to the highest quality standards and expertise,” says Technical Sales Manager, Gary.

“For both new and existing customers, this certification brings numerous benefits, such as improved product protection, better traceability of components and finished PCBA’s, and clearer communication. By entrusting manufacturing to the experts, customers can focus on their research and development efforts. This saves them valuable time and resources while helping them to get their products to market faster.”

Visit FermionX’s stand at J50 to find out more about our investment in existing corporate plans and how they have been implemented. Grab a drink, and chat to our sales team about how we can help take your project to the next level.

Since networking can be thirsty work, we will also be providing complimentary drinks and refreshments throughout the event. High-quality, sustainable merchandise will be given out as a token of their appreciation.

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