In any product build, reliability and attention to detail are paramount.  This is where utilising a UK based CEM partner such as FermionX can deliver quality and control along with peace of mind.

Some of the advantages are obvious, for example saving time and money on shipping costs.  But it’s also about factors such as ease of communication between you and a local supplier.   This can result in a higher level of investment by your chosen CEM partner in your product.  From spotting and querying any data provided to ensuring builds are correct first time. The challenges of the last two years have shown us that our FermionX customers are benefiting in other areas too. Whether they need to make changes to product design thanks to supply chain shortages or their own customers’ requirements, they need a CEM partner who can create solutions and deliver options with minimum fuss and maximum flexibility. This is all part of our standard CEM service.  It’s this, along with our 45 years of manufacturing experience, that keeps our customers coming back to us.

So whether you are looking to bring your component or product build back to the UK or you want find out how we can create your own bespoke manufacturing solution, give us a call on 01903 524600 or email us at .