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Seven Telemetrics logo

Seven Telematics

Seven Telematics research, design and manufacture Transcan temperature data loggers and tracking devices, to supply the food distribution and refrigeration industries. Learn about Seven Telematics need to get their product delivered as regularly as a heartbeat.

Pyroban logo


Pyroban offer explosion protection solutions for materials handling equipment and diesel engines. They are a market leader in the oil and gas industries. Read about their need to find a proactive and reliable supplier with Atex capabilities.

Reflex Imaging Logo

Reflex Imaging

Reflex Imaging are a start-up company based in Horsham, West Sussex. They develop optical devices and laser scanners on a micro scale. Learn more about how FermionX worked with Reflex to deliver smaller outputs while maintaining very high quality.

PSM logo

PSM Marine

PSM Marine specialise in advanced marine instrumentation, software systems and application solutions for the marine industry. Read more about their experience of working with FermionX on unexpected orders and projects with short lead times.

Deltex medical group logo

Deltex Medical

Deltex Medical Group produce blood monitoring and fluid management equipment for use in surgical operations. Learn more about their quest to find a supplier who will proactively warn them about obsolescence of components.

ETI logo


ETI is the largest digital thermometer manufacturer in the UK, learn how FermionX helped them transition from hand placing components to surface mount technology to speed up their processes.

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Busy Circuits

Busy Circuits make modular synthesizers, read about how they worked with FermionX to manage the complexity of their global supply chain.