Their Problem

Busy Circuits are a small business, whose manufacturing volumes are low. They wanted to find a local supplier, who would accept low volumes but whose machinery was high-end:

“It can be difficult to find contract manufacturers that want to touch that low volume, especially if you want high end machinery like the Pick and Place machines.” Busy Circuits

Due to the nature and complexity of Busy Circuits’ products, there is always the chance that problems will arise:

“The product has components coming from all over the world so a lot of things can go wrong and hold things up. There will be hold ups that are outside of FermionX control, but they communicate that to me. Then we can manage it and deal with it.” Busy Circuits

The Solution

FermionX manufacture more than half of Busy Circuits’ synthesizer modules. They assemble their electronics and when needed, will test them too:

“The trust in FermionX comes from them sticking to a schedule, going a little beyond what they say they're going to do. Also, things sometimes go wrong, some companies could just say 'tough luck'. Others can help you sort it out. FermionX have definitely been very helpful like that, gone above and beyond.” Busy Circuits

FermionX stood out from other suppliers due to their communication skills. Busy Circuits were looking for a supplier who would not keep them in the dark when problems arose:

“We were doing a slight change to a module and I got some of them back. I was getting odd fails and I couldn't work out why, so I said to FermionX, 'can you cease production because there's something wrong?' They were extremely helpful, they helped me track down the problem. They were really supportive and really helpful. I figured it out in the end.” Busy Circuits

“They're also much better [than our previous supplier] at managing their time. Things will arrive when they say they'll arrive. If I send them an email, I'll get a reply back within the hour.” Busy Circuits

Gary and Neil at FermionX have been an invaluable help to Busy Circuits. Their passion and knowledge for their work has made the process of collaboration and working together an enjoyable and simple process:

“I have the most contact with Gary and Neil. Gary deals with the quotes and Neil is in charge of our production. They're both brilliant. They're really into what they're doing.” Busy Circuits


With error rates of less than 1%, Busy Circuits have a consistent, dependable supplier they can always lean on for support:

“The error rate is very low, very low. It's maybe, it's not even 1%. They're really good. The reliability, the trust and being on time: doing an excellent job. They have very high- end machines in the factory, which I think are some of the best in the UK, at least in the South of the UK. The actual work they produce, I have very few fails. It always looks very professionally done.” Busy Circuits

Having FermionX as a supplier has helped Busy Circuits scale their business:

“It definitely helped improve my efficiency and also helped me scale as well. I have to be a bit careful because I don't want loads of stock sitting on the shelves. I want to keep my inventory moving. But at the same time, I need a ready supply. Also, the more things I manufacture at once the cheaper it is. So, they've been very helpful in that if I want to make 200 widgets, they'll break it down into sets of 50 across a period of time so it works well for both of us.” Busy Circuits

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