Their Problem

When Deltex Medical were searching for a supplier to make their PCBs, they wanted someone who could offer a reliable service, having worked with non-communicative suppliers in the past:

“If your supplier comes to you and says 'we can't get this [component] any more', what does that mean? It might mean you can't make any more ever, and you say 'wow, how long have you known this?'” Deltex Medical

They needed a supplier who could deliver consistently, and a direct line of contact with their operations team on the ground:

"You work with some companies who have got an account manager, and you're working with sales, and you're never quite sure whether you're getting the straight line." Deltex Medical

The Solution

The FermionX operations team communicate directly with their counterparts at Deltex Medical, meeting frequently and keeping them in the picture:

"We can go there to talk about our needs and they warn us about obsolescence of components. In a relationship with somebody who makes your PCBs, that’s one thing you don’t want late warning about… we know what’s happening relative to our product before it happens, and that’s important to us.” Deltex Medical

Deltex Medical have collaborated closely with Helen Donnelly, whose capability and attention to detail have made all the difference:

"Helen's very straightforward. She's technically knowledgeable about their production process and so on, which helps our engineers and manufacturing people make the right decisions. We're dealing straight with Helen the whole time and I think that means we always get the straight line" Deltex Medical


FermionX and Deltex Medical have developed a very stable and trusting working relationship, and Deltex continue to bring new projects to their manufacturing partners:

"They are long-standing partners and communicate well with the people here, so that we know exactly where we are with our supply. We wouldn't have partnered with them to go forward for a grant bid unless we thought these are the people we want to work with. We have that level of confidence in them." Deltex Medical

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