Their Problem

All of the components on ETI's existing PCB designs had to be hand-placed, which required a skilled team, and took a lot of time:

"When surface mount technology became widely used on PCBs, we felt we could speed up our processes and introduce that new technology into our products." ETI

However, they didn’t have their own surface mount capabilities, and started to look for a local partner to help them with the process:

“We've always had the policy of trying to use local companies wherever possible, and as such [working with FermionX] we found that we could talk quite openly and freely and bounce things off each other, so that was the start of it." ETI

The Solution

FermionX supported ETI in introducing surface mount technology into their products. The two companies keep in close contact, meet regularly and bounce ideas off each other:

"Communication is the main thing, because if you're not talking to each other you're not working together properly. If they have a supply issue or a machine breakdown it's important that we know, because that would affect our production line in turn. You have to have a very close working relationship with suppliers, and FermionX is no exception to that." ETI

Brett and Neil are the production team at FermionX who help to maintain that close working relationship:

“Brett has been very helpful over a number of years, as is Neil. They’re always willing to help us out…and are always very responsive to anything we might ask them to do. They’re always proactive in sorting out problems and they’re innovative”. ETI


ETI and FermionX have developed a close partnership over the years, where they can talk openly and honestly to come up with better ways of doing things:

“Through the introduction of surface mount technology, we’ve been able to improve the efficiency of our processes. FermionX have offered security and stability, ensuring that our products are delivered in a timely manner with the least possible inconvenience." ETI

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