Their Problem

When looking for someone to supply their PCB boards, PSM Marine wanted a supplier they could lean on, someone they could trust and collaborate closely with:

“We needed a supplier who could cope with unexpected orders and projects with short lead times that we often get thrown.” PSM Marine

They found their previous suppliers were unable to meet these expectations, so they began looking for a supplier who could:

“We were drawn to FermionX for a number of reasons. Their professionalism, approachability and technical support capabilities were all key factors that led us to choosing them”. PSM Marine

The Solution

FermionX provide weekly updates on their current projects as well as holding regular review meetings to keep in touch:

“We visit FermionX two or three times a year, to meet Dan and the directors, and discuss and review the projects we’re undertaking together. Meeting the FermionX team gave us the confidence to rely on them.” PSM Marine

FermionX value their long-term relationships with clients, which is evident in the way they have responded to PSM Marine’s changing needs:

“When we needed help with an unpredicted project, FermionX helped us redesign our product and create prototypes within a short space of time. They did some prototypes free of charge for us, and then got the products manufactured on a really fast turnaround.” PSM Marine


FermionX have now been making PSM Marine’s PCBs for 5 years, with virtually non-existent error rates. FermionX have become the reliable, trustworthy supplier PSM Marine were looking for:

“FermionX have improved our business continuity through their willingness to go the extra mile. They hold stock for us, so if the number of orders spikes quickly, they can get our products out without delay.” PSM Marine

As the relationship has evolved, PSM Marine have asked FermionX to become more than just manufacturing partners:

“The trust and confidence built between us is now taking us into a new stage of our relationship. We’ve decided to create a new product and are using FermionX’s design capabilities to do it.” PSM Marine

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