Their Problem

Pyroban needed a supplier with ATEX capabilities, who could meet their requirements and work with them to develop the components they needed:

“Working with explosion protection components, we need to be confident our supplier will work to our high safety standards and would flag any potential issues quickly. FermionX were the perfect fit.” Pyroban

The Solution

FermionX have a strong ethos for creating long-term partnerships with their customers, where open communication is encouraged and responses are quick. This was one of the main factors that led Pyroban to FermionX in their search for a reliable supplier:

“Within 24 hours we’ve got our answer to what the issue is. They’re very good and very quick.” Pyroban

If Pyroban have a query, they can reach out to FermionX for help. Brett and Lee have been especially helpful to Pyroban and have worked closely with them, providing their knowledge and expertise, to meet ever-changing standards in the industry:

"What works well for us is the speed of supply, and its correct and to the right standard. If something's not testing right, they always ask for help rather than saying 'oh, that'll do'. They try and work closely with us to make sure that we're to the standard." Pyroban


FermionX and Pyroban have now been working closely together for over 18 years. FermionX supply their components and the two companies collaborate to ensure all Pyroban’s products meet new standards.

Having a supplier they can rely on, who meets their requirements and communicates effectively to solve issues before they arise, has had a huge positive impact on Pyroban’s business.

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