Their Problem

As a small business, Reflex Imaging's cash flow was crucial to their survival. They found it difficult to deal with their large supplier, who didn't seem to value them as much as larger clients and were slow to respond to requests:

“We're a start-up company. As such we've got limited resources available to us, so it's quite difficult to deal with larger companies and their expectations of credits and's quite inconvenient." Reflex Imaging

However, the nature of Reflex's products meant that they needed a supplier with specific capabilities:

"They need to be able to meet the qualities of the build in their process and procedures, [to manufacture] high tech electronics. You've got the optical element as well, which needs special handling and special equipment." Reflex Imaging

The Solution

Reflex's CTO already knew Dan Crothers, Managing Partner at FermionX. He was happy to learn that FermionX had the capabilities to deal with smaller outputs and were better equipped to support them:

"FermionX were offering a service which these guys weren't. They're much better able to cover a smaller output and support the needs of a start-up company like ourselves. You're dealing with the guys who make the decisions - rather than some production manager who boots it down the line to the finance director and they say 'who's this little company asking for our help?'" Reflex Imaging

What impressed him even more was the way that FermionX were prepared to adapt in order to deliver exactly what he asked for:

“Even when they didn’t have some of the necessary capabilities in-house, they went above and beyond their role to support our build. They brought in special equipment, and were willing to make this investment to ensure the manufacturing process went smoothly.” Reflex Imaging


Reflex Imaging handed over the product build to FermionX, who dealt with every stage from design to distribution:

"They're doing all the purchasing, they're controlling the materials, capability... all the approvals like ISO, and ROHS compliance. They'll handle everything even up to the packaging and shipping for us. It takes that burden away from us - as a three man company we just don't have the bandwidth to be able to deal with all of that, let alone the capital to invest in the required equipment." Reflex Imaging

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