Their Problem

Seven Telematics’ previous supplier did not understand the dynamics of their business due to a limited understanding of the industry:

"They failed to understand the dynamics of the business and the industry we operated in. It wasn't a heartbeat delivery that you could guarantee every single week, week in-week out. I think the previous supplier underestimated the work they would have to do to support this." Seven Telematics

Their new supplier would need to take control, anticipate Seven Telematics' needs and make sure the product was available on demand. These were requirements that FermionX could easily meet.

The Solution

FermionX are a local supplier, who were happy to subcontract. Their flexibility is a key reason why the relationship has endured. When orders spike, they work hard to support any increases in volume:

“We established a shipped line arrangement with FermionX. They delivered the exact quantities of PCBs needed each week. It was like clockwork. ” Seven Telematics

If Seven Telematics need variance in their products or supply, FermionX could accommodate these changes. Not only that, they were prepared to take the lead in a way Seven Telematics’ previous supplier had failed to do:

"They're very good at anticipating what the needs of this business are because they've been working closely with us for a number of years. They understand the product intrinsically which is really very helpful. They've learnt to anticipate the trends of this business, and have always been proactive in terms of their communication with us." Seven Telematics


FermionX have been supplying Seven Telematics’ PCBs for 10 years, and every year they provide around 10,000 boards:

“It’s easy for suppliers to make the claim that they’re reliable, but putting it into practice is another story. FermionX have put their words into practice and created tangible benefits for us.” Seven Telematics

Their reliability and consistency delivering every week, means Seven Telematics can send their products out to their customers in a timely manner. As a result, Seven Telematics’ successful delivery percentage is equal to FermionX’s - extremely high.

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