Stringent controls for products operating in potentially explosive environments

ATEX is a French abbreviation of Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles (Devices for use in explosive atmospheres). Consisting of two European Union (EU) directives, it focuses on:

1. The employees potentially at risk using equipment in explosive atmospheres (Directive 99/92/EC), and;
2. The manufacturing of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres (Directive 94/9/EC)

Precision with quality and integrity as standard

As products become more complex with the need for increased data accuracy and connectivity in potentially explosive environments, it is important to choose a manufacturing partner that not only has stringent manufacturing and documentation controls, but also reinforces the quality and integrity required to support your ATEX approved products in safety critical environments.

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We go beyond the legislation

We are fully conversant with all aspects of ATEX build compliance and UL and FM approvals. Using our strong base in quality process controls we extend our extensive manufacturing knowledge to drive improvements in the efficiency and profitability of your ATEX build projects.

The company has been manufacturing products for one of the world's leading explosion proofing companies for over 20 years. Working collaboratively to support product improvements and legislative changes, we have also been included and surpassed extended auditing process for QAN and QAR requirements.

Experienced in highly regulated industries

ATEX certified products are commonly found in Oil & Gas, Power & Marine industries as well as Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries where the use of combustible materials or use of pressurised vessels is common. FermionX serves a broad base of industries and can leverage our wealth of expertise to enhance product design and manufacturing services to manufacturers of ATEX products.

Our manufacturing ATEX services include:

  • Full Procurement & Product Build
  • Conformal Coating for wet and oily conditions
  • Regulatory Compliance & Audit Support
  • Testing & Analysis Reporting (Declaration of Conformity)
  • Comprehensive Component Traceability
  • Legacy & Thru-Life Product Support
  • Warranty & Service Repair

Our design team can also support electronic design for ATEX products