Speed, Accuracy and Flexibility are just the start

FermionX has an extensive PCBA capability which allows us to successfully support from basic to the most complex designs, across a wide range of demanding applications within the tightest time frames. Over the years we have developed stringent controls over our process control systems so we can quickly identify areas to streamline production. Our customers benefit from price stability and reduced number of components to stock and manage.

We have 4 Surface Mount lines chosen for a combination of speed and flexibility, enabling us to streamline workflow to suit product complexity and production schedules. This flexibility allows us to produce prototypes through to higher volume manufacture, ensuring development and manufacturing time is reduced and route to market is smoother. From 01005 SMDs to micro BGAs we provide reliability in process and product.

Disciplined and exacting: close isn’t good enough for us

Despite the continued miniaturisation of electronic components suitable for SMT placement, the use of conventionally sized components requiring traditional thru-hole placement is still prevalent. The quality of this thru-hole placement and soldering often sets manufacturers apart with emphasis on eliminating soldering defects such as blow holes, incomplete or cracked joints or even lifted components.

Our highly experienced conventional assembly team has an average of over 10 years experience in thru-hole assembly, so there is nothing they haven't see before. Our conventional assembly includes world-class hand soldering checked to IPC-A-610 and additional Wave Soldering functionality.
The team are exceptionally dedicated in their work and as well as ensuring solder joint quality, they also ensure the component assembly is tidy, with clean joints and level components. It's a matter of professional pride!

Continuous improvement demands the best equipment

Our management team has a proactive capital investment strategy in place with latest additions being an upgraded AOI (Nordson FX-940) chosen for high speed PCBA inspection with exceptional defect coverage, and an X-Treme Series Auto Dry cabinet providing temperature and humidity for moisture sensitive devices.
We fully support RoHS compliance and also, maintain full capability on Non-RoHS to support products which are exempt.

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