The Proof is in the product

We know that words are not enough, your proof is the finished product. Quality control systems play a vital role in everything we do because when it comes down to it, we are only as good as the product we make for you.

At the outset of all new customer relationships we discuss not only the product specifications but how we both want the relationship to work, setting clear expectations for service delivery, communication and response times. In this way we are both aligned to expectations which support our quality programme.

Robust training achieves high standards

Through each stage in the production we have tried and true systems that provide the reliability in finished product that our customers demand, from front-end engineering, purchasing control, kitting, electronic assembly, and test through to documentation control. We are committed to continuous Improvement and have a substantial investment in our people through our robust internal and external training programmes.

Our process control systems are challenged every day with statistical process controls, measuring performance indicators such as placement accuracy %, first time test pass %, on time delivery and production line capacity. Each month we collate manufacturing and quality performance data to a centralised dashboard, which we have made available to customers because it shows the transparency in our systems.

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Regulatory Controls

Regulatory compliance such as ISO9001 provide the foundation of manufacturing quality systems. FermionX completed the 9001:2015 transition in March 2018 and transitioned to ISO 14001:2015 in November 2018.
Our people and processes are also scrutinised annually by Parachem Consulting Chemists to ensure we meet current legislation regarding COSHH and that we comply with the highest worldwide standard on ethical trading.

We are familiar with UL testing and auditing requirements for our own Seward brand products and can support secondary customer audits for their own UL audits.

We encourage our customer audits to challenge our quality systems and go even further to support their own audits for relevant certification requirements (e.g. ISO13485 for medical equipment or IEC 80079-34 for explosive atmospheres).