One team with the same goal

Whether you are an established business or a start-up, we know that when your business is developing an innovation, you’re looking for a partner, not just a contractor. Someone to problem solve with you and add value to your ideas. We’re dedicated to helping make your R&D vision a reality, by becoming an extension of your own team.

FermionX have considerable experience in working with customers at this critical stage to help ensure their ideas get to market launch. Our design team provides a complete service so we can start with design concept, through to rapid prototyping, compliance testing and beta production for product launch. We are one of the few electronic design companies who also make our own products: we walk in your shoes every day.

For early stage businesses, we understand that resources are particularly tight, so we’ll never waste your money. We’ll help you to confirm the feasibility of your concept and make sure we get it right first time.

We will ensure your Intellectual Property is Protected.

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Meet the design team

Our design team have over 50 years experience taking ideas and transforming them into electronic products.

Our R&D Director Stuart Ray says: "I love working with people who are coming up with cutting edge ideas and getting ahead of the market. My passion is getting these ideas to market as quickly as possible, so the question I ask at each design meeting is 'Have we got a product ready to sell yet ' and not 'shall we add another development phase' which can sometimes be a hidden motive of some designers: to keep a product in development for a long time and keep the invoices rolling in.'

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