Say goodbye to being stuck in a perpetual cycle of design

You have a phenomenal new product idea and you know that time to market is a compelling factor in whether the product will reach its full potential. The simpler you can keep the process, the less chance that mistakes will be made and costs ramp up.

So let's be honest, this Classic Design Process rarely happens in sequential order. Design isn't a linear process - often, the results at each stage demand that we take some steps backwards, reframe and move through the steps again. Sometimes we can jump some steps in the process too.

Our experience of developing our own products - Stomacher and Airbox - made us realise that some electronic designers have a vested interested in keeping products in the design phase for as long as possible; it's where they can bill you the most. We're not like this. We're passionate about getting a great quality product to market fast, and that's our commitment to you.

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