Introducing our new X-ray inspection machine

FermionX are proud to be expanding our PCB inspection services with a Nordson DAGE Quadra 3 X-ray inspection system, manufactured by Cupio Services Group

As we expand our production scale and take on larger board grid arrays, X-ray PCB inspection technology will become an essential part of our manufacturing inspection services.

Until recently, X-ray inspection was outsourced when required. Due to company growth, we invested in bringing this service in-house, therefore offering more flexible support to our customers. 

The new X-ray PCB inspection service will improve our operational efficiency. Furthermore, it will allow us to expand our support of military and defence customers, due to the greater security provided by bringing this service in-house.


Why is X-ray inspection so important for a contract electronics manufacturer?

Problems that need to be highlighted include voiding (air bubbles) in the solder joints that, if not spotted, can cause product failure. With X-ray PCB inspection the machine will see voiding and can inspect the soldering work even when the solder joints sit underneath the device. This allows us to re-calibrate our oven profiles, if we see any problems at our first off stage, before running a full production batch.

As well as being able to handle a larger board grid array and allowing us to scale up our production, X-ray PCB inspection is also essential for miniaturisation. Miniaturisation is a trend in manufacturing ever smaller electronics products and devices. As the components and boards within these devices become necessarily smaller, manufacturing issues become harder to identify without X-ray technology.

To find out how our in-house X-ray PCB inspection could help with your project, get in touch at or phone us on 01903 524600.