Why rebuild when you can replace?

‘Rework’ can be a false economy in manufacturing but as production automation continues to increase in speed and complexity, the decision to replace ball grid array components, rather than rebuild the entire board, can prove a more cost-effective solution.

A BGA replacement option is useful for most OEMs, particularly small batch runs or where production down time can have a significant impact on sales. That’s why, in late 2018, FermionX invested in a Seamark ZM-R720 automated BGA rework station, suitable for
the repair of normal surface mount devices, such as BGA and QFN packages, and microSMD components.

The system includes an accurate optical alignment system for precise mounting, as well as automatic placement and soldering/desoldering options. Boards can be repaired with free issue or procured components, in one-off quantities or 100-plus. This gives customers the option to rework a single component rather than remake an entire board, significantly saving on time, cost and complexity.

See our article in the July Edition of Electronic Sourcing or contact us to find out how we can help with your CEM requirements.

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