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Read our article in the latest edition of Electronic Sourcing (Nov edition) on how we bring our design and manufacturing experience to customers thanks to our own brand product builds in Seward Stomacher lab blenders and Airbox Sampling Pumps.

14 November 2019 •

Choosing an electronics manufacturing service provider with first-hand experience of designing and manufacturing its own products could offer a crucial competitive edge, suggests FermionX.   It’s been three years since contract electronics manufacturer C-Tech joined forces with laboratory manufacturer Seward to form FermionX, a CEM with a portfolio of own brand products.

Despite major challenges in the UK manufacturing sector over that period, from trade wars and Brexit to supply chain and economic uncertainty, FermionX has maintained its focus on growth and investment. Manging director, Dan Crothers, explained: “This is part of our ongoing-plan to increase CEM services to our customer base. It’s not just about building new components and one-off jobs; it’s about working with our customers long term and offering a total package of services and expertise. Long term relationships are the way forward for us, with customers knowing they can come back for product reviews, supply chain support and quality product builds.”

Extended capabilities

The introduction of two new iPulse M20 and one new iPulse M10 surface mount placement machines has increased capacity to over 100,000 component placements an hour. A Nordson automated optical inspection system increases quality checking capacity and the company has also invested in automated BGA rework with a station suitable for normal surface mount device and micro-SMD component repair.

Dan continued: “Often the term rework is a false economy in manufacturing, but as production automation continues to increase in speed and complexity, the decision to replace BGAs with new rather than rebuild the entire board, can be far more cost effective.”   To increase support and customer service, which is vital in the development of strong customer relationships, FermionX has also expanded its sales team. The new sales manager, technical sales manager and product sales manager all bring expertise to their roles from the FermionX brands of Seward and Airbox Sampling Pumps.

Own brand expertise FermionX brands continue to realise strong market growth. Seward laboratory sampling blenders remain popular, while Airbox Asbestos Sampling Pumps continue to gain foothold as asbestos management becomes increasingly high profile and regulated. This growth has key benefits for CEM customers. An ability to develop its own products from design innovation and product re-fresh, to build and distribution, enables FermionX to understand the issues faced by customers in their own product development and production. The team believes that this offers a unique service to customers — the ability to comprehend and react to issues within a design and build project, along with the standard quality and on-time delivery expectations.

Dan concluded: “We will continue to deliver total solutions for our customers, whether they require part or full CEM support and our brands will continue their focus on gaining market share through quality build and innovative product development.

2020 and beyond is all about continuing to do what we do best and looking at where we can innovate and lead.”

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