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Thanks to the Sussex Chamber of Commerce for including us in the September edition of Business Edge magazine. Find out how Managing Director, Dan Crothers took things back to basics so we were able to support our partners during COVID-19. (Alternatively, we’ve included the link to the full article and magazine below).

Dan Crothers - Managing Director explains how FermionX are helping support the UK Electronics Manufacturing Industry

At FermionX, we like many other businesses in the UK, had to adapt quickly to the restrictions put in place to help combat the COVID-19 crisis.

As a business, we’re committed to playing our part in keeping the UK electronics manufacturing industry moving during uncertain times. Whether it’s a global recession, Brexit transition (remember Brexit?) or a pandemic.

Within days, all ‘knowns’ were thrown out of the window. We were making business decisions and adapting our plans, budgets and working hours at a rate we have never had to do before. Most businesses will have a crisis management plan but it’s a tick box exercise. You never believe it will come into effect.

The safety of our team was paramount – all employees that could, were asked to work from home with immediate effect. New shift patterns were introduced for essential members of staff remaining on the premises. We also ensured that there was a more structured working day to mitigate any internal risk.

As a contract electronic manufacturer, we had to adjust our internal processes both in our factory and in the office. We also had to cope with the strain the global restrictions put on our supply chain.

Back to basics

So, we did what we do best. We adapted and we took things back to basics. Having been in the industry 30 years, we know that during times of uncertainty our customers and partners need reassurance that their product will arrive on time and to the same high standard that they have become accustomed to.

Communication was key, we were in constant dialogue with our suppliers to manage stock levels and delivery times. Then we made sure to communicate any updates with our customers. Not an easy task when we were suddenly operating on a skeleton staff model.

Our experience has also taught us that we must remain flexible. Purse-strings will be tightened and alternative solutions need to be found to deliver the end product, without compromising on quality. Our strength in supply chain management to date has ensured that through this disruptive period we have had minimal component shortages, further supporting our customer production.

We couldn’t be prouder of how our team has adapted to this new style of working. The changes enabled us to continue to meet our customers’ needs and do our bit to ensure continuity in our operations.

The new normal

We’ve improved our offering to customers, so we’re able to accommodate socially distanced site visits, virtual tours and remote quality control audits. Budgets have been reforecast, plans have been made more agile and reactive.

We’re also busy planning ahead for the autumn and winter months to ensure we’re in a strong position in case we see a second wave of the pandemic. We’ve also got to deliver on our Brexit plan and commitments (see, there it is again) in the next quarter.

Slowly but surely more staff are returning to the office. There is noticeably less cake around as the team are coming to terms with the lockdown diet (or lack off). Also more of the team are making use of our on-site gym. There’s a buzz around the business now that was missed during the height of lockdown. As a close-knit bunch, it was unusual to be disparate so we’re all looking forward to catching up on news.

Get in touch

We’re proud to be playing our part to recover lost ground and remain committed to supporting the UK electronics manufacturing industry.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can do to support your production or if you have any queries.

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