FermionX Ltd – BREXIT update

Important update for our FermionX, Airbox and Seward customers operating within the European Economic Area regarding BREXIT

FermionX GmbH:

As 1st January 2021 approaches, we want to assure all our valued customers within the European Economic Area (EEA) that we at FermionX Ltd have been making plans for several years to ensure that the transition to the new international trade arrangements will be seamless after BREXIT. 

To achieve this, we have established a company in the EEA called Fermionx GmbH based in Eschbach in Germany. This facility will hold stocks of all our products (across the Airbox and Seward brands) and from here orders will be picked, packed and shipped, as they are today.

The contacts used to place orders, expedite orders or seek for after-sales support will not change. All of these functions will still be based here in the UK with the same staff familiar with our customers’ businesses and able to take the very best care of you.

In this way FermionX Ltd will absorb any additional costs and duty that may arise as well as eliminate the risks and uncertainty of the expected changes. We have already established sufficient stock at this new facility to insulate our supply chain against any anticipated disruption in freight.

Our Contract Manufacturing (CEM) customers

For our CEM customers, we may see some minor impacts to availability or parts and components. However we have taken a number of measures to ensure our strength in supply chain management is as robust as it can be. And are confident we will still deliver a timely service with minimal disruption. 

Our Seward customers

From 1st January 2021, we shall be supplying Seward Products out of FermionX GmbH therefore ask that a new supplier/vendor is added to your system to raise purchase orders, from this date. All goods invoiced from FermionX GmbH from 1st January 2021 will need to be paid to the new bank details. (If you have not yet received an email from us with this information please use the contact details below).  

We plan to introduce new measures in 2021 (including an EU price list) to simplify the process and will continue to focus on delivering reliable, high quality products that provide value to the laboratory with exceptional customer service and collaboration. 

For further information…

Please feel free to get in touch if you require any further information on FermionX GmbH at the below address(es)

For CEM: sales@fermionx.com
For Airbox: sales@airbox.com
For Seward: info@seward.com

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